Pearls and Latex 2020
Pearls and Latex 2019 was made for Polyphonous: Whispers & Cries, a group show with Professor Jivan Astfalck and Laura Bradshaw-Heap at Studio Gabi Green as part of Munich Jewellery Week 2019.
This new work has been made using freshwater pearls, silk, 24ct gold leaf, gold, silver, tights, latex and Plasti Dip. These ‘real’ pearls brought a very different quality to the finished pieces; they are heavier than their imitators, and finer, with a beautiful lustre to their surfaces. By contrast to the previous work, I found that it was psychologically difficult to submerge these ‘precious’ materials into latex, consequently, this new work is comparatively delicate when compared with the pieces from 2018.